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algebra | History, Definition, & Facts |

Simply put, algebra is about finding the unknown or putting real life variables into equations and then solving them. Unfortunately, many textbooks go straight to the rules, procedures, and formulas, forgetting that these are real life problems being solved and skipping the explanation of algebra at its core: using symbols to represent variables and missing factors in equations and manipulating them in such a way to arrive at a solution. Algebra can include real numbers , complex numbers, matrices, vectors, and many more forms of mathematic representation.

The field of algebra can be further broken into basic concepts known as elementary algebra or the more abstract study of numbers and equations known as abstract algebra, where the former is used in most mathematics, science, economics, medicine, and engineering while the latter is mostly used only in advanced mathematics. Elementary algebra is taught in all United States schools beginning between the seventh and ninth grades and continuing well into high school and even college.

Point-slope form : Forms of linear equations Standard form : Forms of linear equations Summary: Forms of two-variable linear equations : Forms of linear equations.

Algebra Formulas - Basic Algebraic Formulas and Expression

Systems of equations. Introduction to systems of equations : Systems of equations Solving systems of equations with substitution : Systems of equations Equivalent systems of equations and the elimination method : Systems of equations. Number of solutions to systems of equations : Systems of equations Systems of equations word problems : Systems of equations.

Evaluating functions : Functions Inputs and outputs of a function : Functions Functions and equations : Functions Interpreting function notation : Functions Introduction to the domain and range of a function : Functions Determining the domain of a function : Functions. Recognizing functions : Functions Maximum and minimum points : Functions Intervals where a function is positive, negative, increasing, or decreasing : Functions Interpreting features of graphs : Functions Average rate of change : Functions Average rate of change word problems : Functions Intro to inverse functions : Functions.

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Introduction to arithmetic sequences : Sequences Constructing arithmetic sequences : Sequences Introduction to geometric sequences : Sequences. Constructing geometric sequences : Sequences Modeling with sequences : Sequences General sequences : Sequences. Exponential vs.