Born with a Tooth

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Baby Born with Itty, Bitty Tooth … Which a Dentist Promptly Pulled | Live Science

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Most babies get their primary teeth, often the lower front teeth, beginning at 6 months of age, an event that "brings immense joy to the parents," the review's authors said.

Born with a Tooth

Natal teeth, however, aren't always seen so favorably. These teeth usually have little to no roots, so they're often wobbly and pose a risk to the child, who can mistakenly inhale or swallow the teeth. These teeth can also make breastfeeding difficult and can cut the baby's tongue. In addition, these teeth are usually not pearly white.

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The tooth turns yellow-brown, and the enamel continuously breaks down. So, doctors usually recommend that the tooth be pulled, just as it was in Isla-Rose's case. When this happens, the child won't grow another tooth in that spot until an adult tooth erupts, usually at age 6 or 7, Amini said. But even though the child will miss this tooth for a few years, "it's not a problem.

Ultimately, your baby will get all 20 baby teeth the primary teeth by the time she is about 2 to 3 years old.

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You can then expect your child to start to lose her first baby tooth when she is about 6 years old. She will quickly start to get the first of her 32 permanent teeth at about the same time, although the last of the permanent teeth the wisdom teeth may not erupt until the high-school years.

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Article Sources. Kozuch, Mary. Continue Reading. Survival Tips for a Teething Baby.