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Read more. Organizational behavior expert Jeffrey Pfeffer argues that today's work practices are turning organizations into death traps and if you are caught in such a workplace, you better free yourself quickly. The full interview is only available in the online version of Think:Act magazine. Automation promises a high degree of comfort, but it also threatens to degrade human skills. We must be aware of the danger of de-skilling and letting our mental muscles shrivel up. In this issue of Think:Act magazine we examine in detail what it means to be human in our complex and fast changing world now and in the days to come.

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On Being Human

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Fashion Climbing. Bill Cunningham. All Things Consoled. With a renewed community focal point, we envision neighborhoods engaging once more in civics, self-sufficiency, collaboration, innovation, and basic human interaction. Next, we expand the village center concept by planning to offer educational services, collaboration areas, and maker spaces to foster the innovation we need to solve the human problems of today and the future.

As the future of work changes, humanity needs a new framework through which we can understand our purpose and place.

On “Being Human” in the Psalms - Oxford Handbooks

Our jobs and careers will no longer define our worth as there will not be enough work for our population. We still need a way to structure our lives and interact with our fellow humans. If we liken human society today to an operating system, then it was built by competing teams with unclear objectives. However, our previous OS cannot help us understand the overwhelming amount and the rapidly changing nature of data today. The Being Human philosophical framework, then, is a dramatically upgraded HumanOS built not on faith or fear, but on reason, skepticism, and science.

As software proliferates through and changes the world, so too must a new HumanOS reform and replace the old if we want to keep up with our changing world.

Aidan Waite

This transition marks a critical point in human history. We must make the move from playing finite games to infinite ones. In the old OS, winning meant gathering the most money, resources, etc. In the new OS, we must play to keep the game going — we play to keep humanity in existence.