Synthetic Modulated Structures

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Assembly-line enzymology for polyketide and nonribosomal peptide antibiotics: logic, machinery, and mechanisms. Nonribosomal peptide synthesis-principles and prospects. Hahn, M. Selective interaction between nonribosomal peptide synthetases is facilitated by short communication-mediating domains.

Natl Acad. USA , — Harnessing the potential of communication-mediating domains for the biocombinatorial synthesis of nonribosomal peptides.

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Chiocchini, C. In vivo biocombinatorial synthesis of lipopeptides by COM domain-mediated reprogramming of the surfactin biosynthetic complex. Dehling, E. Mapping of the communication-mediating interface in nonribosomal peptide synthetases using a genetically encoded photocrosslinker supports an upside-down helix-hand motif. Broadhurst, R. The structure of docking domains in modular polyketide synthases.

Dorival, J. Characterization of intersubunit communication in the virginiamycin trans-acyl transferase polyketide synthase.

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Buchholz, T. Structural basis for binding specificity between subclasses of modular polyketide synthase docking domains. ACS Chem. Whicher, J. Cyanobacterial polyketide synthase docking domains: a tool for engineering natural product biosynthesis. Richter, C. Multienzyme docking in hybrid megasynthetases. Dowling, D. Structural elements of an NRPS cyclization domain and its intermodule docking domain.

Cai, X. Entomopathogenic bacteria use multiple mechanisms for bioactive peptide library design.

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Montelione, G. Structure 21 , — Kronenwerth, M. Characterisation of taxlllaids A-G; natural products from Xenorhabdus indica. Weinig, S. Nishizawa, T. Characterization of the locus of genes encoding enzymes producing heptadepsipeptide micropeptin in the unicellular cyanobacterium Microcystis. Rounge, T. Comparison of cyanopeptolin genes in Planktothrix, Microcystis, and Anabaena Strains: evidence for independent evolution within each genus. Cheng, Y. Characterization of a gene cluster responsible for the biosynthesis of anticancer agent FK in Chromobacterium violaceum No.

Kitagaki, J. Cyclic depsipeptides as potential cancer therapeutics. Anti-Cancer Drugs 26 , — Kries, H. Biosynthetic engineering of nonribosomal peptide synthetases.

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De novo design and engineering of non-ribosomal peptide synthetases. Sambrook, J. Gibson, D. Enzymatic assembly of DNA molecules up to several hundred kilobases. Methods 6 , — Markley, J.

Ron Vale (UCSF, HHMI) 2: Molecular Motor Proteins: The Mechanism of Dynein Motility

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Synthetic modulated structures edited by L. L. Chang and B. C. Giessen

Shen, Y. Protein backbone and sidechain torsion angles predicted from NMR chemical shifts using artificial neural networks. NMR 56 , — Herrmann, T.

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Automated structure determination from NMR spectra. Koradi, R. Point-centered domain decomposition for parallel molecular dynamics simulation. Ponder, J.

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Force fields for protein simulations. Protein Chem. Gottstein, D.

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